What it’s all about – The Introduction!

Earn with Bitcoin Introduction image: What it's all about

Greetings dear visitor,

and welcome to the very first post at Earn with Bitcoin!

Before I start with the “regular program” and get to work on exploring the world of Bitcoin opportunities, I thought it was only fair to introduce myself and my website to you. So here we go:

So to recap: Earn with Bitcoin will follow my personal journey through the world of the Bitcoin business. I’ll look into the kind of opportunities that are low-investment (or even zero-investment, although I want to be very careful not to run into any scams – and if I find them, you can damn well count on me to point them out!), so that they are attractive for newcomers to the scene. And this is something that I also want to point out right away from the beginning: I am essentially one of those newcomers as well. To give you a bit of background on me: I am 22 years old, recently graduated from college and consider myself pretty experienced in the fields of web design and marketing – but I have 0 experience in the world of Bitcoin.

As you might have noticed, in the video, I say that I consider my lack of previous experience in the Bitcoin field a good thing. To explain that in a little more detail: I think a fresh, critical perspective on offers and possibilities can be a huge benefit. It’s not just that I’m not in anyone’s pocket or have any loyalties that I need to serve – but also that I consider myself ready and willing to challenge “conventional wisdom”, in case my experiences disagree with it. And as you can already see now, my writing style is 100% focused on transparency, so I got nothing to hide.

And I think that pretty much sums it up for the time being. I already got my sights set on the first few sites and offers that I will review – afterward, I will see spontaneously where to go next.

The fact that you’ve read all this means you’re at least curious about where this project is heading. And I appreciate that a lot! Perhaps you are interested to follow every single one of my steps? In that case, please feel invited to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Twitter. Or simply check back here regularly!

Wishing you success, health and happiness,


Hi! My name is Leeroy Sand, and I am the founder and editor of this website.
I recently graduated from college and work as a freelancer in the media production business. In my free time, I enjoy following the newest technology trends – so when I had a few days in between some projects in November 2016, I decided to finally dedicate some time to investigating the world of Bitcoin. I was intrigued – both by the opportunities that I found, as well as the constant risk of scams.
And since I wasn’t able to find a professional, trustworthy site covering all these offers, I decided to launch my own. And there you go: Earn with Bitcoin was born.

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