On the History of this Domain

Hey guys and gals,

just a very brief post about something I noticed – while I am hard at work, finishing the first actual review!

I realized that I am, in fact, not the first person to own earn-with-bitcoin.com. I was a little careless when starting this – I did some research and found that nobody is active under this handle on any website or social media platforms. But what I didn’t do, is a whois or web archive search for this address. So as it turns out, someone ran a site under this name already in 2014. I briefly researched it and it looks like the site back then was mainly used to promote a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) system called “Bitcoin Economy”.

So I felt like it was important to make a clear distinction: I am not in any way affiliated with the previous owners of this domain – my goal is to objectively review a whole lot of different opportunities, instead of promoting one product. And, just as importantely, I have zero involvement with Bitcoin Economy. I’m not a big fan of MLM systems (I might write a more in-depth blog post on the reasons for my skepticism in the future) in general, and this one seems to have stopped working already in 2014, a few months after the previous site under this address was launched.

I wasn’t active at the time Bitcoin Economy was around, but the fact that a) few people seem to remember the site or talk about it today and b) that the few reviews I could find are negative (such as this one, which points out a number of flaws quite clearly), gives me the feeling that the offer did not fulfill its promises of “Life changing income” and so on.

So yeah, please don’t mistake my project for the previous site, or an affiliate of Bitcoin Economy, because I am neither.

Why am I bothering to even write this kind of post? Because of my crazy passion with transparency – I don’t want my readers to think I’m hiding anything here!

Talk to you soon,


Hi! My name is Leeroy Sand, and I am the founder and editor of this website.
I recently graduated from college and work as a freelancer in the media production business. In my free time, I enjoy following the newest technology trends – so when I had a few days in between some projects in November 2016, I decided to finally dedicate some time to investigating the world of Bitcoin. I was intrigued – both by the opportunities that I found, as well as the constant risk of scams.
And since I wasn’t able to find a professional, trustworthy site covering all these offers, I decided to launch my own. And there you go: Earn with Bitcoin was born.

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