About Me and this Website

Welcome to Earn with Bitcoin! My name Leeroy Sand, and I’m happy to have you along on my new journey through the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

Let me first tell you a little bit about myself: I am a young freelancer, who has always been interested in the newest trends in the business and tech world. So it’s natural that I’ve always had some interest in the developments of the Bitcoin currency. However, only recently, I wanted to find out about ways to actually earn with Bitcoin. And I was surprised that there were only few authentic, up to date and trustworthy sites out there who were focusing on this topic.

Which is why I set out to build and launch Earn with Bitcoin, my very own platform for all things Bitcoin. I want to test and review loads of sites and services, to filter out the scammers from the good guys.

Here’s an important disclaimer though: I do my research and will always do my best to filter out Bitcoin criminals – however, you should always, always do your own due diligence. Please make sure that you don’t blindly trust my (or anyone else’s) recommendation of any site or service and please make sure that the offer you are choosing is within the legal framework of your own country.

I know, that sounded a little grim, but that’s how I roll. I don’t want to pretend that this is a perfect world where everyone is looking out for each other – instead, I want to empower people to make their own, well-informed decisions in order to improve their lives.